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Commemorative Wine Glasses $10.00 per pair, cash and carry; $15.00 by mail.Inscribed with Gustave Koerner’s signature and birth date.



The Gustave Koerner House

A Collectible, Wooden Replica produced byCat’s Meow and FJ Designs, Incorporated.Limited number commissioned.$20.00 each; $25.00 by mail.



Illinois’ German Heritage

Edited by Don Heinrich Tolzmann,University of Cincinnati (2005), 190 pages, bibliography, heavily footnoted.

  • German immigration and settlement in southern and central Illinois (two chapters translated from Gustave Koerner’s book Das deutsche Element in den Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamerika, 1818-1848
  • A chapter from Andrew Jacke Townsend’s The Germans of Chicago
  • Three chapters on influential Germans in Illinois: Friedrich Hecker, Francis A. Hoffmann, and Gustave Koerner
  • A survey of the German element in Illinois to the present day. To order contact Don Heinrich Tolzman on the internet.





Belleville 1814–1914

By Robert C. Fietsam, Jr.,Judy Belleville, and Jack LeChien127 pages. $20.00 each; $23.00 by mail.A generous collection of images and other representations from available archives are used to chronicle Belleville’s rise to prominence in regional and state politics, as well as successes in agribusiness, mining, banking, industrial, manufacturing, and retail economic sectors. Each photograph is accompanied by descriptive text in historical context To order call 618 235 6471 .



Missouri’s German Heritage

Edited by Don Heinrich Tolzmann,University of Cincinnati (2004), 137 pages, bibliography, resource list.“German Immigration and Settlement” to order, contact Don Heinrich Tolzman on the internet.

  • “St. Louis as a German-American Center”
  • “German-American Life”


The Gustave Koerner House

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