“We must make them understand that Lincoln is our man.”*Gustave Koerner

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“A Naturalized Politician: The Life of Gustave Koerner,” by Cynthia A. Fuehner in Historic Illinois 27: 5, February 2005. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (28 KB).


Memoirs of Gustave Koerner, (1809–1896): Life Sketches Written at the Suggestion of His Children

An autobiography edited by Thomas J. McCormack, (Cedar Rapids, Ia.: The Torch Press, 1909) Volume I Volume II


Lyman Trumbull and Gustave Koerner: Allies for Freedom. (pdf)

“Gustave Koerner and the Republican Party,” by Dr. Thomas O. Jewett inJournal of St. Clair County History2003.


Illinois’ German Heritage

Includes two chapters from Gustave Koerner’s book Das deutsche Element in den Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamerika, 1818-1848, translated from German and annotated by Don Heinrich Tolzmann, University of Cincinnati (2005), and one chapter on Koerner as told by Evarts B. Greene.


Missouri’s German Heritage

Includes three chapters written by Koerner, translated and annotated by Don Heinrich Tolzmann, University of Cincinnati (2004).




Mr. Lincoln and Friends, (offsite) The Lincoln Institute online. See in particular, “Politicians,” and use their Search tool for more instances of Koerner’s involvement with his friend Lincoln.



Bibliography of Other Works by, on, or about Gustave Koerner

  • Gustav Koerner, A German-American Liberal by Wolf D. Fuhrig. Presented at the 34th Symposium of the Society of German-American Studies, New Harmony, Indiana, April 24, 2010.
  • Gustav Koerner, Das deutsche Element in den Vereinigten Staaten van Nordamerika, 1818–1848, (Cincinnati, Oh.: A.E. Wilde and Company, 1880).
  • Gustav Koerner’s Speech at the Republican Convention, 1858. Translated 2006 from German by Andrew Gaa from the original publication, Platform der Republikaner von Illinois, niedergelegt in der Republikanischen Staatsconvention, gehalten in Springfield, Illinois, 16 Juni 1858, nebst den Reden der Herren Abraham Lincoln und G. Körner, gehalten während der Convention , (Alton, Ills., Office of the Alton Free Press).
  • Gustav Koerner on General Shields, courtesy of the Cornell University’s Making of America website. Originally appeared in The Century: a popular quarterly, Volume 33, Issue 6 (New York: The Century Company, Apr 1887), pp. 973-975.
  • Mark E. Neely, Jr., “Gustave Philipp Koerner (1809–1896),” In The Abraham Lincoln Encyclopedia, (New York, St. Louis: McGraw-Hill Book Company, c1982), 175, 176.
  • “Koerner as an Intriguer,” written by the newspaper in opposition to Koerner, the Belleville (Ills.) Weekly Advocate, 30 May 1873, p. 4, col. 3.
  • Gustave Koerner’s remarks on the death of Judge William H. Underwood of St. Clair County, Illinois in the Belleville (Ills.) Weekly Advocate, October 1, 1875.
  • Louis S. Gerteis, Civil War in St. Louis, (Lawrence, Ks.: University Press of Kansas, 2001), 76, 76, and 147.
  • Gustave Koerner, Beleuchtung des Duden’schen Berichtes über die westlichen Staaten Nordamerikas, von Amerika aus, (Frankfurt am Main: Karl Körner, 1834). Written as a more realistic view of what Germans might expect upon immigration to America than that found in Gottfied Duden’s work.
  • Robert P. Howard, Illinois: A History of the Prairie State, (Grand Rapids, Mi.: Eardmans Publishing Co., 1972), 189–191.



* See “Senate Campaign of 1858” on the Mr. Lincoln and Friends Web site, The Lincoln Institute online, under grant from the Lehrmann Institute; which takes the quote from Don E. Fehrenbacher’s Prelude to Greatness: Lincoln in the 1850s, p. 63.


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