200 Abend Street
Belleville, Illinois

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Gustave Koerner House Restoration

37 North Douglas, Belleville, Illinois 62222.
Phone: 618. 235.6471
Jack LeChien Co-chairman of the Gustave Koerner House Committee.



Tours of the Gustave Koerner House are given to volunteers and benefactors by special arrangement. The House is open during select fund raising events which will be announced on our Facebook page, GustaveKoeerner. .We invite you to join our efforts to restore Koerner’s home at Abend and Mascoutah Avenue in Belleville, Illinois. Your HELP is greatly needed.

The restoration of Belleville’s Gustave Koerner home, on Mascoutah Avenue at Abend Street, will stand as a testament to one of Belleville’s most illustrious citizens. Koerner joined Abraham Lincoln, Horace Greeley and others who, fired by the passions of the times, came together to create the Republican Party in 1856. Koerner became a close Lincoln confidant, helped write the 1860 Republican Party platform, and managed Lincoln’s drive to the presidential nomination at the party’s convention. Koerner was an ardent anti-slavery proponent and, as a German emigre, played a key role in allying western America’s German population with the Union cause.

The Koerner House Restoration Committee, working with a team of consultants, has prepared a Historic Structure Report. Selective demolition of the structure’s modern components commenced in May 2005. Once complete, the home will be opened as a museum, where Koerner’s life and political career will be interpreted.



Gustave Koerner House Restoration
37 North Douglas Belleville, Illinois 62222.
Phone: 618. 235.6471 Jack LeChien
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The Gustave Koerner House

200 Abend
Belleville, IL 62220

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