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Donations, grants, and special events held prior to 2005 provided the $117,000 needed to fund the Historic Structure Report phase of the Gustave Koerner House Restoration project commissioned by the Committee in July 2005.
The Historic Structure Report  

  • Documents and Assesses the Building’s Fabric

    This multi-disciplinary technical report describes the property; provides materials analysis of mortar, plaster, paint and wood; evaluates the mechanical, electrical, and structural needs for public use.

  • Produces a Restoration Plan

    Design recommendations, measured drawings and budget forecasts are included in the Report. As a planning document, it will guide all future decisions in the restoration process.

  • Is researched and prepared by Fever River Research

Restoration of the Gustave Koerner House will proceed in phases as funds become available.
We anticipate approximately $500,000 will be needed to complete the project.

Once restored, the Koerner House will provide a unique opportunity to explore themes illuminated by Koerner’s life and accomplishments: the movement to end slavery, the dissatisfaction Koerner and others had with the Democratic Party which ultimately led to establishment of the Republican Party, the Koerner-Lincoln friendship and their emerging philosophy, the all-consuming mid-19th century American debate and the dramatic changes it wrought in American history, America’s developing relationships with Europe, and the intellectual energy immigration brought to our shores.

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The Gustave Koerner House

200 Abend
Belleville, IL 62220

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